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I am a curious and proactive individual with a 'can-do attitude', who actively seeks solutions, embraces new technologies, and shares knowledge within a supportive team environment to drive continuous improvement. I am dedicated to creating well-documented and tested software services and strive to contribute valuable feedback that fosters team growth and consistently delivers top-tier support and products for our customers. I am seeking opportunities to further my expertise in full stack development and become an adaptable and top-tier developer within a collaborative team.


  • Fullname: Bayan Alghourani
  • Birth Date: September 20, 1993
  • Job: Freelancer, Software Developer
  • Email: contact.bayan.alg@gmail.com


Languages: C#, ASP.NET, WPF, PHP, SQL, JavaScript (JS), TypeScript (TS)

Frameworks, Tools and Other Technologies: React, Corepublish, HTMX, Git,Github, Gitlab, Trello, Figma,Canva

Front-End Technologies: Twig, SASS, Tailwind, jQuery, Bootstrap

Back-End Technologies: Docker, XML, NoSQL Firestore

And I am eager to expand my skill set and learn new technologies as required to meet the specific needs and requirements of the job.

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  • 95%

Some Of My Previous projects.

Internal CRM


Enhanced CRM with advanced features.

Enhance and extend existing intranet CRM functionality. Modified functionalities for searching, sorting and integrations with 3rd parties (Visma and Moment).

Member card


Create member card image.

A Functionality to generate a member card as an image, from the member info

3rd party integrations


Service integrations

Integration with Webcruiter Service to display vacancies.

New features


Accessibility improvements

Creat new functionalities on the intranet and website to easily mark/unmark ferries routes as out of service.

Accessibility improvements


Intranet and website functionalities.

Fixed problems with accessiblity by folowing WCAG guidlines, and overwiting some forms.

Education & Training

More of my credentials.

Web Developer

feb 2023 - feb 2024

CoreTreck AS

Placed as web developer with on-the-job training. I have gained valuable experience in web development and spiecially in Corepublish framework, and have activly participated on several projects. My areas of expertise have included various frameworks, technologies and sopport tasks in addition.

Design and Front-End Development

Podium AS

Completed an intensive three-month course focused on design principles, front-end development, and the React Vite framework. Acquired practical skills in user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design, leveraging industry-standard design tools and methodologies. Developed proficiency in front-end technologies, including JavaScript and Typescript, and advanced usage of the React Vite framework for rapid application development. Explored the integration of third-party tools and libraries to enhance the functionality and interactivity of web applications. Participated in hands-on projects and design challenges to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world design and development scenarios. This comprehensive course has equipped me with a versatile skill set, combining design expertise with front-end development capabilities, to create engaging and user-centric web experiences using modern technologies and frameworks.

Full Stack Development Program

GET Academy

Completed an intensive full stack development program at GET Academy, specializing in JavaScript, C#, RESTful API and SQL. Acquired proficiency in front-end and back-end development, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and modern frameworks such as React and Node.js. Gained expertise in building and consuming RESTful APIs using C# and SQL for database management. Developed comprehensive knowledge of web development best practices, version control systems, and deployment strategies. Engaged in real-world projects and collaborative coding exercises to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios. This immersive program has equipped me with the technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and collaborative mindset necessary to excel as a full stack developer in dynamic and fast-paced environments.

University Admission Certification Program

Nordkjosbotn high school

Completed a comprehensive program designed to prepare for university admission in Norway. Attained proficiency in academic Norwegian, enabling effective participation in university-level coursework and discussions. Studied a diverse range of subjects, including mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities, to meet the academic requirements for university admission. Engaged in academic writing and critical thinking exercises, honing essential skills for success in higher education. This rigorous program has equipped me with the academic foundation, language proficiency, and critical thinking abilities necessary to thrive in the academic landscape of Norway and pursue higher education with confidence.

Norwegian language and social studies

Northern Norway

Successfully completed an intensive program focused on learning the Norwegian language, culture, and society. Acquired proficiency in spoken and written Norwegian, enabling effective communication in daily life and professional settings. Studied social studies and civics, gaining in-depth knowledge of the legal and social systems in Norway. Explored the history and geography of Norway, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the country's rich heritage. Engaged in community activities and discussions to actively integrate into Norwegian society and contribute positively to the local community. This immersive program has equipped me with the language skills, cultural understanding, and social awareness necessary to thrive in Norway and actively participate in the diverse fabric of Norwegian society.

Electronics Studies

High school of Damascus, Syria

As a Ingenieer Assistant, my studies in electronics engineering not only honed my skills in physics, and computer science but also included in-depth courses in circuit theory, digital electronics, and programming. These subjects provided me with a strong foundation in logical thinking, problem-solving, and understanding complex systems, which are all essential for excelling in software development.


What Can I Do For You?

As a dedicated developer, I bring a wealth of expertise and a commitment to delivering exceptional results. Through collaboration with me, you can expect fresh perspectives, technical support, thorough quality assurance, and the advancement of development innovation. My strong focus on user experience and accessibility ensures the delivery of intuitive and inclusive solutions. Moreover, engaging with me provides you with an opportunity to actively influence the refinement and evolution of the products and services you utilize. Embracing excellence in development, I am dedicated to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.


I'd Love To Hear From You.

I am always eager to hear from you and discuss how we can work together to bring your ideas to life. Whether it's about a potential collaboration, a project you have in mind, or just a friendly conversation about the latest trends in development, I'm here and ready to engage. Feel free to reach out and let's start the conversation.

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